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Designing a small bathroom is undoubtedly a challenge but with careful planning you should not need to compromise on the look and feel nor the functionality.

When designing such a room it is really important to consider what you want from it as opposed to what should save space.  You may find a bidet completely unnecessary. If you love to finish the day with long hot bath, then having a bath and shower as one might be the right solution. Despite the fact the shower will give you a feeling of more space – you’ll miss out on an important desire of yours.

  • Moving a wall or partition could create a more workable space even if the increase in space is very small.

  • Using a sliding door can save space or you could also rehang the door in order for it open outwards and not into the bathroom

  • You could board up part of a window to create space, especially if you have a double window.

  • Physically placing the fixtures in the room can help you visualise the space. Sometimes when simply measuring you can overlook the space you need for cleareance e.g.  to comfortably get in and out of the bath

  • You can create a perception of space by using wall hung fixtures to keep the floor area clear, many suppliers are also now providing compact options.

Creating Space In Small Bathroom

Designing Small Bathrooms

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