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How to decorate Small Bathrooms

In small bathroom you have less space but it is functional for you.  Often a simple relocation can really give you more room.  There are certain techniques you can employ to make the most out of it.

  • You should keep the bathroom tightly coordinated and simple.

  • It is pleasant on the eye in small spaces to cover the whole wall as opposed to adding intersection which will create a break in the room and make it feel tighter.

  • A feeling of seamlessness can also be created by using large tiles as opposed to small tiles. When using small tiles the room can feel claustrophobic with a busy grid spanning the room.

  • Well selected lighting is important in a bathroom surrounding the perimeter of the room with the correct downlights or small spotlights we can create a sense of breadth, we can also enhance the light with reflective surfaces such as glass and metal, gloss tiles can also help reflect light around the room.

Storage solutions for small inner London Bathrooms

  • Glass shelves generally are less oppressive in the room and feel like they take up less space in the room.

  • A heating rail can double up as the sole radiator in the room and can well be sufficient in smaller bathrooms.

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